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Compliance In 8 Simple Steps!

HIPAA compliance does not have to be complicated. LevCo Technologies separates HIPAA compliance into 8 easy to follow steps. Everything you need is included from the 1st step of compliance – the risk assessment. You will also find sections on Business Associates, HIPAA Security and Privacy Policies and Procedures, Staff and HIPAA Compliance Officer Training, Breach Response Plan, Contingency Plan, full set of documentation of HIPAA requirements, and our “Step-by-Step Compliance Report”.

The HIPAA Compliance Kit is in pdf portfolio format that can be used on any computer and most tablets. All forms are savable and can be signed digitally. The HIPAA Compliance Kit provides your office with separate folders for forms and other items that need to be accessed by your staff. Save money because you no longer have to pre-print and store your HIPAA compliance forms. Policies and procedures are readily available on the shared drive for your staff to reference.

The HIPAA Compliance Kit is the most comprehensive solution on the market today.


The HIPAA Security Rule and the Role of the IT Professional.
“Does Your It Provider Understand Their Role and Are They Compliant?”